assai healthy skin spa

Real success is always guilty free

assai healthy skin | skin spa is an original 360° partner.


What did we do in that case? Almost EVERYTHING!
A mix of strategy, branding, business development, hardcore marketing, product design, internal growth, and of course, repositioning and 360º rebranding in every touchpoint.


assai dropped in a five years plan consist of the total transformation from a skin spa and wellness center into the 1st urban Healthy Skin CLUB in Athens, for guilty free success, making you feel more and stress less.


Designed to be a leader in the greek beauty industry, a five-year strategic plan was designed step-by-step to progressively change the center’s identity into a premium, unisex, club.


Customization, starting from in treatments, becomes the core value in every brand touchpoint we’ve redesigned.


“We want to release the inner power of every human being above and beyond the external appearance. It’s our way of making our world better. Live more. Age later.”


Today, in the middle of a five-year journey, assai is in the process of separating a healthy medical skin center and an urban boutique holistic spa, creating two strong complementary identities under the same brand.


Strong community, opinion makers, urban profile, unisex positioning, unique usp, multi-channel matrix.. assai is the miracle that happened when you are a real team with your client both in sunny and rainy days!


360° authentic rebrand and new positioning succeed into making assai the most known medical spa in Greece just in 2,5 years- much earlier than we wished for, giving us time to expand earlier into a pop up “assai-child”, a naughty child established in the 2020s in the Astir beach!


Brand identity designed by høly design agency.


  • assai healthy skin | skin spa


  • High-Level Strategy
  • 360º Branding
  • Visual Identity
  • Digital Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Internal branding system
  • Niche Marketing
  • High-level Business Consulting
  • Strategic Marketing Growth