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Relax, and have a nice first flight at

Assai’s Healthy Skin passion for personalized service turned into pixels, and the idea for the first personalized “flight” in the Beauty Community was introduced!

An intro process (a mini website) crafts a particular assai color for you- your assai color, which is responsible for your navigation! Assai’s color is your unique way of navigating this website.

No unnecessary content! A series of filters choose what you care about and what is appropriate for you based on your data and individual needs.

Forget all that noise of excessive information!

Different profiles mean different treatments, different menu categories, offers, news and articles, and a totally different perspective…

Filtered content can easily change permanent or temporary, designed to capture the brand’s dynamic evolution.

Balanced and blessed. May the force of Healthy Skin be with you!

Assai’s website is a real case study. Researched in collaboration with our partner Sociality, this website has a unique approach to the strategy, the design, and the development part, making it one of a kind! We will publish a case study soon.


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