Black boxes online

It’s time to open the black boxes

A multidisciplinary experiment. Converting an art project into a tool.


A project directed for modern society, using technologically advanced tools.


Greece, Europe, and the whole world experiencing economic, social crises, political and environmental issues. In front of the case of trapping in one state of fear was born the idea of ​​black boxes.


Art Installation: 100 open black boxes geometrically positioned on the floor.

Each box incorporates a screen and displays a word that will soon get replaced by a straight or reverse measurement. The accompanying alarm sounds resemble heartbeats and similar to time bomb sounds. With the completion, the measurement emits a burst sound or lack of pulse and the trigger-word appears as a cause of destruction on screen.


Digital Globalization

In need to globalize the effect and the environment of the project, we designed the digital transformation edition called black boxes online. With a global campaign in black and white both digital and physical, to succeed including as many people as possible.


Two vital questions, a wide range of people:

A. What scares or threatens you more?

B. What do you think he is in urgent need of protection?


An advanced technological call for public debate.


The project is still open.


In collab. with Danae Stratou, Vital Space, Julian Assange, Cern institute, høly.


  • Danae Stratou


  • Project Curation
  • Co-design
  • Strategy
  • 360 ° Branding
  • Project Management