Høly Tinos Project

memories of details.

Place Branding via Culture.

Long story short:  design from scratch a memorable experience for the Aegean Tinos Festival to refresh the festival identity.

We design our proposal for Tripotamos, because of its topographical and architectural specificities, history, and lovely people. Tripotamos is built in a constructive labyrinth form.

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It represents a journey to our center and back again out into the world. That’s the core of our experience we had designed.


Visual campaign.


The core idea of this campaign is to recall something that already exists: Memories.

A recognizable detail can hack your mind and recall a whole image.


Based on real photos, local color palette, catchy slang, and rephrased jokes.



Notes: Special thanks!

in collaboration with the “Clio muse app” we designed a unique walk experience to uncover diverse storytelling.

An interactive escape room under the land where the local wines are kept was the most well-kept secret designed in collab with  “Athens Clue”.


  • Tinos Festival


  • Strategy
  • 360º Branding
  • Conceptual Event Identity
  • Experiential Event Design
  • Event Production