Høly Tinos Project

The power of details in life

Double-role project: Design a memorable public experience and then design a communication system for this.

Part1: We had an invitation to design a memorable experience for the Aegean Tinos Festival, to attract young people and refresh the festival identity and targeting.

We selected Tripotamos, a small village nearby Tinos “chora” because of its topographical and architectural specificities, history, and lovely people. Tripotamos is built in a constructive labyrinth form. Not even google maps succeeded in taking the exact roads and paths!

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It represents a journey to our center and back again out into the world. As an archetype, it represents a connection to the source. That’s the core of our experience we had designed.

So we designed an interactive event based on unexpected music performances.

A digital guide in collaboration with the “Clio muse app” navigated people over different paths and uncover diverse storytelling based on different spots. Whole day navigation based on various music performances on the ground but also under the ground and above the ground! An interactive escape room under the land where the local wines are kept was the most well-kept secret.


Part 2:We are happy with the production, but we should communicate this with a limited campaign based on posters in the most crowded month where everyone posts something on the wall.

The core idea of this campaign is to recall something that already exists: The memories that always awake through the senses—the importance of a small stimulus for activating a memory area and starting the automatic flow of information.

A recognizable detail can beat the time and craft in your busy mind the whole image and the whole meaning. Minimizing the visuals, again and again, can produce simplicity as the appropriate environment to let little details play their role.

Based on real photos. Local color palette. Catchy slang and rephrased jokes, we had a campaign full of details able to reset memory function. We had a campaign that can be loved first by the locals! That was holy Tinos, the most “salty” project!


  • Tinos Festival


  • Strategy
  • 360º Branding
  • Conceptual Event Identity
  • Experiential Event Design
  • Event Production