ID fruit bars

Life is short for tasteless food

Case: 100% real fruit bars are looking for the right way to scream that they arrived! 


Mission accomplished.

We get ourselves involved in a thorough assessment of the market the company is about to enter, the company’s capabilities, and we would come up with a study on how the company should approach such a product launch.

Furthermore, we would deliver a six-month go-to-launch plan for all the communications assets on what needs to be done to get the product out there. Of course, all of it offered with a combination of fixed project scope and time & material for ongoing support.


In the Maker’s world, we design a multi-channel campaign for authentic branding with a clear mindset: Minimalize the wow factor and increase digital storytelling! Turn the main ingredient into a hero, shape his/her life process, and craft their character. Always remember to add a sense of humor, cause man… food is fun!


A digital narration story to celebrate guilty free, healthy snacks.
A story in the kingdom of real food!


From back to the roots, to interactive digital campaign “the id scanner” and the “Real fruits of our Battles” manifesto. 


  • Figourmet/Id fruitbars


  • 360º project
  • Consulting
  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Digital