Sun Lines S.A

In the name of the sun follow the line

A 100% urban project.

Sun lines project was designed based on tech, eco, smart urban furniture.

A series of “futuristic” staging points. 


The main idea is quite simple: a staging point that utilizes solar energy to serve a range of practical daily needs in public space.

Designed for public space, these new “points” use solar energy through photovoltaic technology, to meet the needs of someone in constant mobility.

Based on quick charging, they are equipped with wi-fi spots, surfaces to stop or support other functions, and a sensor for good music. They can monitor the weather conditions, have an emergency button, and a wide dynamic range of additional features.


Custom design vs. mass production

By creating branded constructions with a strong design identity, we reject the idea of a massive product and proceed with a custom design to each different environment.

Everything begins with a study of the site in question, on current and potential uses, its location in the urban fabric of the city, and the rest of the particular characteristics of this specific site environment.

After that, keeping constant design principles (a zigzag streamer line and a recognizable shadow), we produce a range of adjustments that create a customized design for every unique construction.

This is why we can achieve optimal functional and urban integration.

We re-design ways that facilitate everyday life in every particular “point”. 

By adding or subtracting functions, we have different results on a cultural heritage site, a public park, or a coastal area.


Sun lines background 

A condition is to create an exciting shadow ensured through a shadow play with different textures – a design that highlights the importance of urban geography.

Given the need to redefine the public space, we create a modular project.

With the triptych “Connectivity- Interaction – Experience” we study the possibilities of reversing the relationship between the city and the individual.

If people live, create, and are shaped by the city environment, then this environment has to be made human. 

The redefinition of the concept of public space, the position, and movement of the person in it, changing expectations and attitudes to the relationship of the individual with the city are issues that the project’s philosophy considers. 


We design for smart green cities

In a user-friendly city, information, ideas, thoughts, and people are allowed to flow freely.

The user-friendly city is a democratic city where the citizens engage in decision-making and shape their surroundings.

We believe in a city designed for people.


*European Awarded project
Greek awarded project 


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  • Project Curation
  • Product Design
  • Strategy
  • 360° Branding
  • Urban Designscapes