Villa bonora

The story of a half Italian half Greek “place tag”

“Do you know that in fairytales, many magical things happened in a secret place where the sea meets the sky or the sky bumps into the sea? They call it the horizon, but everybody knows it is a place of magic.”

These are the words the creative director whispered when we first saw the location of the country villa.


The brief was simple. We need a name, a logo, a brand system, an inspiring story, and of course, a premium customer experience for a comfortable, memorable vacation.


Kefalonia is a magical place where people obey another rhythm.

Their unique culture is a balanced hybrid of Greek and Italian mix. The language, the songs, the music, the dances, the architecture, the poets, everything, even the history.


Boom! We have the name: Bonora.


A mix of greek and Italian, “bonora” means in the very early morning, in the local language.

Also, it is the perfect hour for the villa view. At “bonora” time, you can see the perfect flirt between the sea and sky form over the hill, where the home is located.

So a small detail to correct the name… Villa bonora.


Okay, but now we need to add a bit of privacy, tranquility, and security…

By combining the initial letters of the Villa Bonora name with the shield as a symbol of privacy and security, a unique “place tag” is created for this hidden site.


This “place tag” crafted a unique sign that looks like a coat of arms, a famous Italian symbol.


Add some blue color, please we are on an island! Yeah, but what shade of blue?

Oh, didn’t we mentioned the mythical blue of the world’s most famous Kafalonian’s beach “Myrtos”, yet?


We fell in love with the emerald blue of the water shades and the white color of the sand, we graphic designed this nature combination, and the rest of the story. Half greek – Half Italian.


Stationary, interior design, “memorability” gifts and many many secrets for the “residents”, site all comes from the brand’s unique DNA.


  • Villa bonora


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  • Naming
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