Villa bonora

The story of a half Italian half Greek “place tag”

Long story short: We need a name, a logo, a brand system, an inspiring story, and of course, a unique customer experience for memorable vacations. 


Kefalonia’s unique culture is a balanced hybrid of Greek and Italian origins. The language, the songs, the music, the dances, the architecture, the poets, everything, even the history is a mix.


“Bonora” means in the very early morning, in the local language.

Also, it is the perfect hour for the villa view. At “bonora” time, you can see the perfect flirt between the sea and sky.


By combining the initial letters of the Villa Bonora name with the shield as a symbol of privacy and security, a unique “place tag” was crafted.

Half italian – half greek but always blue.


  • Villa bonora


  • 360º project
  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Visual Identity
  • Customer Experience Design